Wallarah 2 Decision Delayed

The Federal Environment Minister has confirmed his decision on the Wallarah Two coal mine has been extended by six months, following a meeting with Australian Coal Alliance activists.

Anti-Wallarah 2 Activists “Hopeful” After Canberra Meeting

The deadline has been delayed until August.

Huge Development Proposed for Gosford Waterfront

According to Coast Community News, a billion dollar proposal to develop the waterfront between Gosford and Point Clare is with the Council. It needs the support of both the Council and the State Government. The project has been put forward by Mr Steve Duncan, Chairman of the G5 Global Vision Foundation and Bensville resident.

More details here.

Save Woy Woy Waterfront Group Set Up

Local residents are working together to stand against over-development and in favour of a sustainable and beautiful Woy Woy Waterfront.  More details:


Jordon Steele-John's Maiden Speech

Act Now to Save Our Trees

View the draft plan at Wyong and Gosford offices. On exhibition until 4 January. See article for addresses and submission guidelines:

Draft Central Coast Wide Tree and Vegetation Management

No to Adani

Richard Di Natale Explains Greens Position

Central Coast Greens call: ‘Breach of trust’

The Greens on the Central Coast are being stonewalled by the Council administration on the current whereabouts of the assets and accounts of three former Gosford City Council Trusts containing more than $1.5m for environmental and social works.


As a nationwide political party, the Greens are concerned with many large scale global issues, such as climate change, poverty, justice, and sound economic management. Many of these issues are immediately relevant here in our local region as well.

We work with the community so together we have a more caring society, a healthier environment, and a cleaner economy.


The Greens don’t receive any funding from any corporations or lobbyists, so the nominal membership fees go a long way to the administration of the party.

The Central Coast Greens need your help and support. We have so much to do, but we’re a small organisation standing against two monolithic parties. Whatever you contribute will be greatly appreciated.

If you wish to make a donation to the Central Coast Greens, please click the red DONATE button on the right. If you would prefer to get to know us first (we’re a friendly bunch), why not come and meet us, either at a coffee social or a monthly meeting (click the green button).

Your help is most appreciated, as we are trying to keep politics honest and put citizens’ interests first for the Central Coast, for Australia, and for the wider world.

How much more research do we need before we have a National ICAC?