Committees & Working Groups

These new working groups (WG) were established at the February State Delegates Council (SDC):

The Candidate Equity Fund Working Group

This WG requires input from at least five local groups.

By establishing a Candidate Equity Fund through which candidates experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage are eligible to claim out-of-pocket campaigning expenses and/or supplement their income during the campaigning period, it is expected that the Greens NSW can enhance our ability to field candidates who reflect the full diversity of the NSW and Australian community, thus upholding our pillars of grassroots democracy and social justice.

This Working Group will develop protocols to guide how the Campaign Equity Fund will operate
More information on Greenhouse

The Arts Working Group

Purpose To create an Arts Working Group (AWG) to enable interested members to pursue and promote arts issues within Greens NSW and the wider community.


  1. The AWG will be a discussion, reference and activist group within Greens NSW.
  2. The AWG will assist and encourage Greens members to become engaged in arts issues.
  3. The AWG will develop, maintain, and promote the Greens NSW’s positions on arts issues.

The AWG will fulfill these functions by:

  1. Proposing, helping to coordinate and promote campaigns and issues in the arts in collaboration with the relevant portfolio holders, committees and others as appropriate;
  2. Developing grassroots connections with artists and arts organisations;
  3. Submitting proposals to the SDC concerning changes to the Greens NSW Arts Policy, taking into account the Australian Greens Arts Policies subject to 13.4 of the Greens NSW constitution.

More information on Greenhouse

The Preselection Rules Review Working Group

This working group is discussing revised Preselection Rules for internal ballots within Greens NSW.

Documents and discussion can be found at the Greenhouse site for the WG.

Members can visit the list of Working Groups with eLists, and apply to join by clicking on the name of the working group’s eList, and filling in the form.


PFOS/PFOA Working Group

Additionally, expressions of interest are sought for the formation of a working group to assist local groups and Greens MPs in campaigns to stop the use of these dangerous chemicals, and clean up polluted sites. Please email the if you are interested in joining.