The Central Coast Greens are a local group within the NSW Greens. The NSW Greens have 61 local groups across the state. As a local group we adhere to the public policy platforms that have been agreed on by the grassroots membership of the NSW Greens. As a nationwide political party, the Greens are not only concerned with environmental issues but many other issues concerning our society. We have carefully thought out and costed policies such as the development of affordable housing, capping rents, public ownership, including dental and mental health care for all in Medicare and a commitment to grassroots democracry. All of these policies are relevant to the Central Coast.

We work together with the community to ensure a more equitable, environmentally friendly and just society for all.


Unlike other major political parties the Greens do not accept donations from big business or corporate lobbyists. This means we have no one's interests to fight for but those of our community. It means that when we develop amendments to legislation or push through long overdue government acts to improve society we have nothing but fairness guiding us.

What allows us to get things done is everyday people like yourself, becoming a member or donating, time and money. Your help is most appreciated, as we try to keep government honest and put citizens’ interests above political interests.


The 47th Parliament has seen an unprecedented number of Greens MPs being elected to the federal parliament. The Leader of the Greens, Adam Bandt described it as a "greenslide". Their portfolios are available here.

Latest News

Greens Demand Free Public Transport Across the Coast

Mar 7, 2023

The Greens have announced their Transport platform ahead of the March 25 State Election, which would end privatisation of the transport system, see better regional bus services and permanent free travel across the entire network. Hilary van Haren, Candidate for Gosford has announced, “We have never had high quality, reliable …

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Greens Launch Candidates for State Election

Feb 27, 2023

  The NSW Greens have formally announced their candidates for the upcoming State election on the 25 of March. Upper House Greens MLC  Abigail Boyd hosted the official launch at Ourimbah State Forest on 24 February, calling on NSW to continue the “Greenslide” of the 2022 Federal election and put …

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Kariong Ridge Development

Feb 17, 2023

The Central Coast Greens have always kept a close eye on developments around the National Parks on the Coast. We were part of the community movement that helped to bring the private land at Bambara into the Brisbane Water National Park. Since the housing development at Kariong on uncleared land …

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Central Coast Greens coastal erosion

Central Coast Greens respond to NSW Audit Office comments about climate change adaptation plans

Sep 12, 2022

Central Coast Council’s 2019 Climate Change Policy included the following commitment statement: ‘ D2) Embed climate change planning within Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, namely the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery and Operational Plans and Council’s Corporate Plan.’ Like the NSW Audit Office, we do not see any provisions for …

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Greens demand a return to democracy

Jul 15, 2022

The Central Coast Greens demand that the Minister for Local Government, Wendy Tuckerman, return the right of residents of the Central Coast to democratically elect our councillors. The June 1 announcement by Tuckerman and parliamentary secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch to continue administration of our Council until September …

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Mangrove Mountain Landfill court hands down judgement

Apr 14, 2022

Greens are concerned about the future of Mangrove Mountain Landfill after the Court hands down its judgement. Today, the Greens have responded to the judgment on the Mangrove Mountain Landfill handed down by the NSW Land and Environment Court. Greens environment spokesperson and environmental law expert Sue Higginson said today: …

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