Save Gosford’s Heritage

If commerce is the heart of Gosford, heritage is its soul. Creighton’s Art Deco building, in the centre of the most important heritage precinct left in Gosford, is irreplaceable. It is significant as possibly the last intact Art Deco funeral parlour in NSW, and a rare example of this architectural style in the local government area. The stories of generations of Creightons who worked and lived in Gosford since 1844, are a crucial part of our social history. Many generations of Gosford citizens were buried by the Creightons. The building must remain completely intact, along with its smaller sandstone garage.

Rola Property Group has proposed a large apartment building on this site. They want to put in a 2 story underground carpark, and to do so, need to demolish most of Creighton’s (which they say has little merit, which we say is possibly the last intact Art Deco interior of a funeral parlour in the country), and then “rebuild” the facade using modern bricks distressed to look old – as if that will be OK because we’re all too stupid to tell the difference.
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