Hands Off TAFE

Central Coast Greens call on the NSW government to stop privatisation agenda

The Central Coast Greens strongly support the NSW Greens on their “Hands off TAFE” Day of Action, coordinated across NSW by Greens MP and Education Spokesperson, John Kaye.

“Gosford & Wyong TAFE campus provides a vital service to the local community but it is being devastated by the NSW Liberals and Nationals’ ruthless privatisation agenda”, Central Coast Greens Spokesperson Kate Da Costa said. “We are calling for urgent action, including restoring TAFE’s secure budget, cutting fees and limiting the contestable market to courses and regions where TAFE cannot provide.”

The marketisation of skills education in NSW has reached a critical stage with TAFE buildings being sold off, working conditions under attack and further job losses in the pipeline.

More than 2,600 teaching and support staff jobs have already been lost across NSW since 2011. Fees have substantially increased for many students, and student numbers have decreased by tens of thousands.

TAFE has been forced to shorten courses, reduce contact hours and move to online delivery even where it is not appropriate to do so.

Fees have substantially increased for many students.

Under the NSW government’s Smart and Skilled market, more than $750 million will be stripped from TAFE’s secure budget and put into a market where the public system has to compete against low cost, low quality profit-driven private providers.

The Greens ‘Hands off TAFE’ state-wide Day of Action invited the community to call on the NSW Liberals and Nationals to stop the war on TAFE.