Greens Launch Federal Candidates for the Coast

Central Coast Greens members Abigail Boyd and Hillary Morris have won preselection to contest the Central Coast seats of Dobell and Robertson for the Greens.

Both candidates will be lobbying for strong action on climate change and a compassionate response to the global refugee crisis. They are passionate about creating a level playing field for all Australians through a fairer tax system, reinvestment in health and education, and reforms to address the shortage of affordable housing. Both are committed to ensuring that families on the Central Coast can access cost-effective childcare as well as improving the quality of local services for the disabled, the homeless and those affected by domestic violence.


Abigail Boyd for Dobell

Abigail Boyd is a specialist in global financial regulation, working primarily from home. Her family moved to Dobell 15 years ago, and her two small children now attend school in the area.

Abigail is focused on improving the availability and efficiency of the Dobell’s public transport network, to enable commuters to access a wider range of job opportunities and to alleviate high levels of unemployment.

I believe it’s too simplistic to divide people into ‘lifters’ and ‘leaners’,” Abigail said. “We are each dealt a different hand of cards and we play them as best we can. A society that removes as many obstacles as possible to allow people to heal, to learn, to participate fully – a society that appreciates that we will all lift and lean to some extent at different stages of our lives – is not only a fairer and more equitable place to live in, but it also enables individuals to make a greater contribution to the economy to everyone’s benefit.”

Hillary Morris for Robertson

A well known activist in the Gosford area, Hillary Morris has worked for the last three years standing up for local communities and the environment in her current role as Gosford City Councillor.

She is employed as a practice manager in a Central Coast Law firm. Hillary has a passion for the environment, is a keen advocate on renewable energy and understands the complexities the residents of Robertson face in terms of employment, transport, affordable housing and infrastructure funding.

The face of Roberston has changed since I moved here 30 years ago. It is has transformed itself from several sleepy seaside hamlets to populated, vibrant centres. There are certainly more opportunities for employment than there were 30 years ago but employment is still a huge issue” said Hillary. “There are no easy answers to this problem but I would work on creating new opportunities for job growth around renewable energy, passive recreation, ecotourism and agricultural initiatives. I believe this is the direction Government should be taking to sustain long term economic growth.”

Campaign launch events

Robertson Launch: Friday 12 February 2016, 10:00 am, CWA Hall The Boulevard Woy Woy.

Dobell Launch: Tuesday 16 February 2016, 7:00 pm, Tuggerah Lakes Community Centre – 1 Bay Village Rd, Bateau Bay.