Last Year, Wyong Community Rallied to Save the Sea Eagles – This Year We Must Save the Swift Parrot from Extinction

Last week the Swift Parrot was reclassified as ‘critically endangered’, with fewer than 2,000 now thought to exist. The Swift Parrot breeds in Tasmania and migrates north in the colder months to coastal areas. One large area of bushland in Glenning Valley is about to lose its native forest, including species which may support some of these rare birds. When the land was rezoned some years ago, surveys were not done during winter, as recommended. Now development is planned, the situation is critical.

The Central Coast Greens are supporting the community in its opposition to this development, just as the Greens supported the significant community protest about development affecting nesting sea eagles in 2015 in Wyong. Just as the community won protection for our eagles, the Greens are confident of winning protection for the endangered Swift Parrot.

“The Swift Parrot is known to spend the winter on the Central Coast,” said Abigail Boyd, Greens candidate for Dobell. “They are spotted here from late March, attracted to our mature Black Butts and Swamp Mahogany trees, and return to Tasmania around September.”