Regional businessman and past chair of the region’s Broadband Infrastructure Group David Abrahams is calling for a full audit of the NBN rollout on the Central Coast for the sake of the nation. He’s calling on all candidates to support his call for an audit. He’s also asking all business and community groups to support the audit and share their experiences, good or bad.

Regional, rural and outer metropolitan areas are crying out for clear solutions, solutions based on engineering experience. Naturally I welcome the recent announcements by the ALP to return to a fibre optic focus for the roll out. However this can be best achieved if we learn from the situation today.

It is also massively important to learn from the experiences on the ground. The Central Coast is in effect the internet laboratory of the nation. It’s crucial that we learn and apply these lessons, successes and failures.

An audit of the rollout would bring clarity to the list of successes, failures, delays, confusion, down grades and cost issues. This will give us a clear path to a better internet for all. Perhaps it would allow us all to unite around the NBN project and defuse the battles.

Mr Abrahams, fresh from a private study tour of smart cities in northern Europe has made the call for an audit in some desperation. As it is clearly apparent from around the world that top notch telecommunications is vital to the prosperity of all regions.

“As one of the chief organisers of the NBN investment in the Central Coast region I feel a particular responsibility to maintain the goodwill of the project now that it has become both a political football and an engineering nightmare” said Abrahams
The delays we are seeing seem to be directly related to the radical change of technologies that was undertaken halfway through the rollout on the Central Coast. Though there also seems to to be confusion between the NBN Co and the telecommunication providers as to who is responsible for what. Complaints fill the airways and column inches of media outlets as well as the massive complaint lists on social media. “Something needs to be done to make an awful situation better”.

“I’ve become a lightning rod in my community for issues and problems relating to the NBN rollout, due in part to my previous roles as chair of the region’s Broadband Infrastructure Group and Regional Development Australia” said Mr Abrahams adding “I am still a great believer in the NBN project and I also am aware of great success stories, though the project is under a great deal of pressure to improve its performance. An audit here on the Central Coast will provide great dividends for the whole country”

While the NBN is being rolled out in many areas it has reportedly been canned in other areas on the Central Coast and around the nation. Several business parks have been knocked off the fibre rollout plans. No clear answers can be given either on the type and timing of important rollout areas such as schools, clubs and business parks. This is a major concern and ruins investor confidence.

I am calling on all parties and candidates to support an arms length audit of the NBN rollout on the Central Coast and optionally other early rollout areas such as New England. Such an audit would give an opportunity to residents, businesses, contractors and third parties to give valuable insight into the exact nature of the successes to build on, and ID issues to resolve. It really is the only way to move ahead.

An open audit is expected to give great lessons to the large part of the country that has yet to receive the NBN.

Convenor, Central Coast Broadband Alliance
Past chair CC Broadband Infrastructure Group
Past chair Regional Development Australia
Past Director NSW Telecommunications Authority
Principal Consultant Organise Internet
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1 thought on “Audit the NBN Rollout on Central Coast (for the sake of the nation)”

  1. I am a small business owner and as yet unable to connect to NBN although it is available to domestic users in my area. I am dependent on the Internet for much of my business. I run webinars for international and domestic clients, sell digital products and, because many of the program’s I use are internet based, it also effects my day-to-day productivity. Since the NBN came to Umina Beach, speeds are slower, lines drop out, uploads and downloads frequently fail altogether. It’s like we’re back it he old days of dial up. I have had Telstra technicians out (very good service from them btw) and they confirmed my suspicion that the NBN roll out has interfered with existing copper wire service. I am far from the exchange and they tell me things will not improve until I am on NBN. Despite having registered in February, I’m not connected yet. I rang and signed up (for some reason my original request did not exist) but there is a 16 week wait list.

    Surely, as the life blood of the country, small businesses should have priority? Scott Morrison said the NBN would have speeds that would “enable families to download 6 different movies to 6 different screens at the same time”. What planet is he on? Business that produces export income and increase productivity domestically are more important than entertaining kids and adults in separate rooms, I reckon. But then, I’m self-employed, in my own business for 30 years, so what would I know?

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