Save the Butterfly Cave

Lake Macquarie Greens would like to get this petition out to all Greens in NSW to help bring the numbers up to the 10000 required to have a question asked in parliament. I am told that  this is the first time there has been a campaign for a special site significant to aboriginal women in the area. This is really important to do all we can to protect the cave and a reasonable amount of land to respect the traditions and history bound to the Butterfly Cave for aboriginal women of the Awabakal people.

Charmian is travelling out of Australia so can’t do the phoning which should be done to progress this campaign so she is asking all groups to help. David Shoebridge has responded and is willing to ask questions in parliament.

If you could also push this out to your supporters and members that would be great.

Cheers de

De Brierley Newton
The Greens NSW
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