Central Coast Greens and the New Council

The Central Coast Greens have commenced preselection of candidates for the Council elections in September. “We look forward to the restoration of democracy in our region, after this period of administration forced by ‘voluntary’ merger of the former councils” said Cath Connor, Co-convenor of the Central Coast Greens.

The Greens will be campaigning for a new Council that prioritizes the development of a sustainable, healthy community for all.

 Central Coast Greens candidates will be running on a platform of transparency and accountability, in order to start rebuilding trust between voters and the new Council. Co-onvenor Cath Connor said “We call on all candidates for the upcoming election to show the electorate the respect it deserves and make clear in their candidate statements:

  • Any current or past membership of any political party
  • Any current or past business links with senior council staff
  • Any current or past relationships with other candidates or groups running in this election (for instance, donations to groups/parties, or acting as party agents for other candidates in past elections)
  • Any current or past business interests that might impact on decision making in Council”

The Central Coast Greens also call on the Administrator to make arrangements for a referendum on the ward system to be held with the Council election. The 3-member ward system that has been imposed on the region by the state government had no public consultation, in flagrant disregard for basic principles of democracy and community consultation.

“We are also discussing the Draft Community Plan, launched at the CEN Annual Forum. Members of the Central Coast Greens have been involved in the drafting of this plan, and we fully support the non-partisan, inclusive, community based approach to drawing up this real reflection of the vision for the region that the local community has developed” said Cath.


Secretary:  secretary@centralcoast.nsw.greens.org.au