Unrepresentative Governance

Is it just me or does anybody else notice a trend here: 26 May, Central Coast Council (CCC) unelected Co-ordinator-General gives first media interview; 2 July CCC announces it will create an allegedly expert panel to decide on what will or won’t be built here, again unelected. These experts will presumably all be chosen either by our beloved and yet again unelected imposed administrator, CEO or co-ordinator-general.

The Council wants to wind up former Gosford Council’s Protection of the Environment Trust

In the meantime the CCC is trying to wind up former Gosford Council’s Protection of the Environment Trust, although it refuses to divulge the legal advice they have taken to do this with property which, as the name suggests, is held in ‘trust’ rather than owned by CCC, as they unsuccessfully tried with Wamberal Memorial Hall recently due to community backlash.

Considering that the proposed new wards in CCC structure will provide less community representation than under the Gosford and Wyong councils collectively, who will lose out? More importantly who will win? It sure won’t be the ratepayers or the precious environment which we all love on the coast. And what of our COSS lands, will they be gazetted as repeatedly requested by former Gosford LGA of Macquarie St. or quietly flogged off for the extra 110 000 head of population our administrator boasts of housing at the behest of the NSW Government?

Looks very much like everything that can be shoved through and approved without any community input whatsoever is being done prior to any elected representatives being back in place. The current CCC was and continues to be a crime against our democracy.

Doug Williamson