Wildlife and urban forests under threat on the Central Coast

We urgently need your help to protect vital habitats on the Coast.

We know that climate change has led to more intense, more dangerous and more extensive bushfires than we have ever seen. Fuel load has increased because of longer and more frequent droughts. Hazard reduction is more difficult with fewer safe days, and cuts to services.

But what hasn’t burnt is still in danger.

Pro-development opportunists, and those who view the world as a piggy-bank for short term profits, are trying to use the fires to get what they’ve always wanted. Around the state, there are calls to allow private hazard reduction more often, to open national parks to grazing, to allow bulldozing of habitats near housing.

Right here on the Central Coast, on Monday evening in council, Clrs Greg Best and Troy Marquand will move a “Black Summer Fuel Load Reduction Initiative.” They have our wildlife corridors in their sights.

Write to key councillors, using our draft email by clicking here, to tell them to stand firm on your behalf, and for our children and grandchildren. Let’s take the advice of experts in fire and land management, not the opinions of property developers, when we are caring for our country.

We are all upset about property loss, mourn the people who died and are distressed about the animals who have perished. Those losses are no excuse to cut down even more trees and open up national parks for grazing and firewood collection.

More than ever, we need to stand united and demand action that leads to a sustainable future. We  want a future where more trees absorb carbon, help moderate temperatures, provide habitat and improve our mental wellbeing. Where complex biodiversity is cherished, not seen as an impediment. Where no elected representative would ever consider destroying wildlife corridors, or denying the impact of climate change.

Key councillors need to hear from residents. They need to know we value our environment, and we know that while things must change, cutting down more trees is never the solution. Use our template by clicking here to let them know that urban forests and wildlife corridors are not the problem.

If you can, please try to attend council on Monday February 10 at 6.30pm, Level 1, 49 Mann Street, Gosford. Our former Wyong Councillor Sue Wynn, who brought in the wildlife corridor system in the north, has registered to speak. We’ll be outside council from 6pm.

For the future,
Your Central Coast Greens team