Media Release: Final Green New Deal for the Central Coast for 2020

Central Coast Greens have been hosting an inspirational series of zoom webinars looking at pathways the Central Coast might take post-COVID19 to create a robust, clean and resilient local economy in a way that tackles the overlapping challenges of the climate crisis and social inequality.

The fourth and final event in this series will take place live online on Saturday 26th September from 11.30 am. The two speakers are Adam Bandt and Michael Askew.

Adam Bandt, Federal MP and leader of the Australian Greens, will present a roadmap for government-led action for building a clean economy and a caring society in which nobody is left behind.

“A Green New Deal is a movement that is gaining momentum across the globe. Before the COVID19 pandemic hit, we were already staring down the threats of climate breakdown and supercharged social inequality. Bandt says.

“This crisis will change the way our society operates. It has already proven that governments can listen to scientists and channel investment directly to people. We want to make sure that while this once-in-a-lifetime spending continues that it is used to fix the major problems that already exist.

“We need to be willing to discuss big ideas.”

In this vein, and back by popular demand, Michael Askew, a socio-environmental researcher and planner with a strong connection to the Coast, will expand on his previous talk about the benefits and possibilities of designing a decentralised ‘circular economy’.

Askew believes strongly in focusing on opportunities and ways of planting ‘seeds of change’.

He and his team have travelled the world to research models and practices that take advantage of low-cost energy increasingly made possible by global investment in the renewable sector. Decentralised ‘circular economies’ can foster regional development and create new jobs through manufacturing that uses bio-innovation, bio-circular waste recycling, and integrated land use.

Askew says, “These are not pipe dreams or blue-sky thinking, these things are already happening around the world, and we can make them happen here.”

Regarding the transition that is occurring across many sectors, Askew says, ‘Some fear these changes, the most courageous and innovative leaders welcome them, but no-one can avoid them.’

The online forum is a free event — Saturday 26th September 11.30 am to 1 pm. Anyone interested can register to get the zoom link by going to the ‘Green New Deal for the Central Coast’ Facebook event page or at You can also catch the replays of the previous sessions at the Central Coast Greens Facebook page.

Chantelle Baistow, Central Coast Greens spokesperson and one of the organisers, said “Participation in the forum has steadily grown, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The final forum is an opportunity to be a part of planning for a Green New Deal and a just transition into a clean future for the Central Coast. The Q&A sessions following the presentations have been lively and inspiring, and we’re looking forward to a great turnout for this one with these two deeply engaging speakers.”