Kariong Ridge Development

The Central Coast Greens have always kept a close eye on developments around the National Parks on the Coast. We were part of the community movement that helped to bring the private land at Bambara into the Brisbane Water National Park.
Since the housing development at Kariong on uncleared land was first proposed we have been monitoring the documentation, particularly around environmental and heritage impacts.

It is the Central Coast Greens’ preferred solution that the State Government arrange a land swap so that the Darkinjung Aboriginal Land Council can develop housing on a brownfields site, and the land at Kariong can be included in the National Park.

We acknowledge the Land Council has acted in good faith and invested in preparing their application so that as part of the land swap, we believe that some compensation should also be included.

“The Greens do not believe in standing in the way of economic opportunities land development for First Nations People and Land Councils and believe First Nations people have a right to determine how they manage their land.” Sue Higginson

We understand that all First Nations people living on the coast find themselves impacted by a variety of legislation and processes at different levels of government that are contentious, which do not operate harmoniously, and which cause division within the Aboriginal community.

Although it is only one parcel of land, every pristine block is important to increase the amount of land in National Parks and other protected areas to at least 30% of the lands of NSW by 2030 that our planet needs. It will also help preserve any cultural remains on the block. We understand from the successful fight to protect the Calga Women’s sacred space, that the entire landscape is important for First Nations heritage.

(30 by 30 is one of the aims of the NSW Greens National Parks and other Protected Areas policy: https://greens.org.au/nsw/policies/national-parks-and-protected-areas)

2 thoughts on “Kariong Ridge Development”

  1. I an Indigenous woman (Darkinoong/Yuin) camped at Bambara (in a wheelchair) for 89 days (including some of my children and grandchildren) to protect Sacred Sites and critical Enviroment and Flora and Fauna from development,in Unity with other Indigenous and Non-Indigenous. The DLALC did not want anything to do with the protection of the area and infact caused trouble for thoes that were camping there. Thanks to Jake Cassar hard work the land in question was saved. Then DLALC took credit for it all when they wanted nothing to do with it. I am aware that DLALC wanted the Development to go through because they wanted to develop 300 Woy Woy Rd and It would make it easier for them.
    I also camped at Calga (while in a Wheelchair) for the duration and spoke in the land and Enviroment court. To protect the woman’s site. Once again DLALC wanted nothing to do with it until the owners of The Wildlife Walkabout Park ran out of money. We were told we would have to move off the land and DLALC joined in the Land and Enviroment Court in the last few weeks and took credit for the win. Rocla Sand Mining then sold their business. Indigenous Weman still have no access to the site.
    There are other areas that Indigenous and Non-Indigenous have worked together to protect sites and Enviroment from destructive Developments where DLALC have done nothing to help but take credit for the wins.
    With 300 Woy Woy Rd the Darkinoong and Guringai have joined forces with Non-Indigenous people again to protect Registered Sites and non registered Sites and the Enviroment from Development unfortunately against DLALC who are the Developers this time. The DLALC was set up by Uncle Tommy Sales to protect the lands of the Central Coast and to support the Mobs Darkinoong, Guringai and Awabakal who were the Original inhabitants of what is now known as the Central Coast.
    DLALC now denounce the Original Custodians and threaten them and their families and any Non-Indigenous who stand together to protect Sacred Sites and The Enviroment. Some of us have found we must run as True Independents in the State Election 2023 to be a Voice for the Voiceless.
    I ask the Greens for real hands on Help as Labor especially David Harris and Lisel Tesch will not.

  2. The local Central Coast Greens have been part of the community actions to protect Bambara by incorporating it into the National Park. We also stood with the community to protect the women’s sacred sites at Calga when the quarry tried to expand. We are not taking credit for this, but we do know it is important to participate in community actions, because that is often the only way to protect our environment and heritage.
    People power creates pressure on decision makers – MPs in parliament and the government in particular. Only the government can offer a land swap to provide protection for the Kariong land, and allow the Land council to develop housing.
    The Greens are hoping this year to have Lynda-June Coe elected to strengthen our team of MPs in parliament. If the Greens can expand our representation, including having the first Indigenous woman elected to the Upper House, we will hold the balance of power. That will give us the opportunity to insist the government to do the right thing for ecological protection and First Nations justice.

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