Constitution of the Central Coast Greens (Feb 2016)

(Original 2002, draft revision 2009, substantially revised version ratified November 2015. This revision to be ratified at the February 2016 Group Meeting of Central Coast Greens.

2002-2015 - see archived versions.

Feb 2016 revisions include: "NSW Greens" changed throughout to "The Greens NSW"; Sections renumbered; capitalisations standardised; Section 3.2 simplified and details moved to Charter; Sections 6.2.p (right of reply) and 6.3.4 (dispute settlement) added; Section 6.4.4 (elected representatives reporting to the Group) moved and expanded; Section 7.2.7 (Secretary and Convenor duties) amended and Schedule 1 added; Section 9.7 (quorum) amended to replace “Five” with “Six”.)