We welcome new members and supporters into the Greens community on the Central Coast. If you prefer to be a supporter, helping out at events and elections, please send your name and contact details to secretary@centralcoast.nsw.greens.org.au

You can make a stronger commitment by contributing your time and energy at whatever level is good for you – some members are very active, others help at elections, others are “silent members”.

You can be active in the party by:

  • Attending monthly group meetings to discuss the party's business, preceded by discussion or guest speakers.
  • Attending the bi-monthly State Delegates Council, where the business of the State party is decided.
  • Joining one of the many working groups at State or National level, where you can be involved in policy development and research. Locally, we write submissions, help other community groups, and run stalls and other events. We would like to be more visible in our community but need more active members to do so – perhaps you can help?

As Central Coast Greens are an affiliated group of the NSW Greens, join us by joining the NSW Greens. (In line with NSW Greens practice, when people first join there is a period where we get to know each other. After three months you are welcomed as a full member with voting rights.)