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Unrepresentative Governance

Is it just me or does anybody else notice a trend here: 26 May, Central Coast Council (CCC) unelected Co-ordinator-General gives first media interview; 2 July CCC announces it will create an allegedly expert panel to decide on what will or won’t be built here, again unelected. These experts will presumably all be chosen either by our beloved and yet …

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We don’t need to be a backwater

by Perry Gretton Chattanooga was once described as the dirtiest city in America, and with good reason. It was so polluted that people drove through town with headlights on all day long. Yet it has now been twice voted by Outdoor magazine as the best town ever. How did that come about? The short answer is the Gig. This is …

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Thoughts on Wyong and Gosford Council amalgamation – Sue Wynn

Sue Wynn, former Greens Councillor at Wyong, writes about council amalgamation: Here are my thoughts re the amalgamation of Wyong and Gosford Councils and the effect on the communities they are supposed to serve both from my experience as a Councillor from 2008-12 and as a member of the broader community on the Central Coast. Firstly, the only reason WSC …

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Bambara 4 National Park – Rally 1 September 2014 – Justine Suthers

Justine Suthers Over the years the Central Coast Greens have become more and more involved on the fight for the protection of Bambara Several years ago, Greens councillor Peter Freewater moved in council for compulsory acquisition, but as the voluntary acquisition process had just begun, Central Coast Greens  took the view then that we should give the voluntary process enough …

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