De-amalgamation proposal for Central Coast Council

The Central Coast Greens have developed proposals to de-amalgamate Central Coast Council.

The Central Coast Greens have expressed ongoing concern about the lack of consultation with the community before the amalgamation of Wyong and Gosford Councils. There was a poorly subscribed survey in the lead-up to the 2016 amalgamation, and, as we know, many submissions to the pre-amalgamation Inquiry were ignored.

Residents from across the region have expressed their dissatisfaction with how the amalgamated Central Coast Council has turned out. In contrast, others are still hopeful of a better result down the track.

The Central Coast Greens believe that the democratic will of the Central Coast people should matter.

Ideally, a referendum would be the obvious way forward.

However, the Local Government Act does not allow this. Instead, under Section 215 of the Act, a Proposal (petition), signed by 10% of voters in each of the original local government areas, is one of the few available formal avenues for local communities to express their view.

Today, we are announcing our plan to circulate two such Proposals – one in the former Wyong Shire and one in the former Gosford Shire.

The Central Coast Greens invite the community to rethink the Council’s amalgamation, consider the petition, and take ownership over collecting signatures.

For this reason, we are initiating the process; however, the petition is and will remain politically neutral. We guarantee that any information provided by the signatories (name and address) will be held in confidence and only be used to submit the de-amalgamation proposals.

A sustained community effort will be needed to make this happen.

The success of the proposal collection will depend on the level of enthusiasm in the community and the volunteers involved.

Do you want to help make this happen?

The success will depend on you and the enthusiasm in the community
and the number of volunteers prepared to be involved.