Candidates NSW State Election 2023

Candidate for Gosford

Candidate for Terrigal

Hi, I’m Hilary van Haren, 

Successive governments in NSW have failed our community and our environment. I’m running for the Greens because I’m confident we can move beyond corruption, private interests, and short-term decisions to a government that strives for positive social and environmental change. 

I was lucky to grow up on the Central Coast and spent my childhood enjoying the lakes, beaches and bushland that make up our region. There was no doubt I would return to raise my own family here. 

I love how generous, inclusive, and resilient this community is, despite increasing hardship and cost-of-living pressures.    

Throughout my legal career, I’ve been involved in the most complex social policy areas for our electorate, including children’s services, housing, homelessness, and disability support. I have also been proud to work with some of our leading charities to support people in our community experiencing hardship. 

I have seen the enormous impact government decisions can have on the lives of individuals and on the organisations that support them. 

I want to see a government in NSW that listens to communities and acts in their interests. A government that makes decisions on their merits, not in the interests of developers or corporate donors. I want to see fairness and transparency in government. These things are not only possible but achievable at this election. 

We have an opportunity to build on the momentum of the Federal Election and show the major parties that we expect more. 

Together, we can:  

  • ensure every person in our community has access to good quality, affordable housing
  • tackle climate change by rapidly transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy
  • fund world-class public schools, hospitals, and transport networks, and
  • restore integrity to politics and end dirty donations. 

I’m optimistic about what can be achieved in our community and our region. Together we can create a fairer and more sustainable future for all of us.

Candidate for Wyong

Hi, I’m Doug Williamson,

I passionately believe we have a brilliant opportunity to transform Wyong into a renewables powerhouse, transitioning the current workforce and creating sustainable jobs for our young people. Together we can ensure that Wyong achieves this goal.

Living on the Coast in Wamberal for over a decade, I have consistently worked to achieve more sustainable government decisions for this region where governments of all stripes have largely ignored any resident’s voices.

I’ve dedicated my working life to giving a free, secular Public Education to all of our society; as a Teacher’s Federation rep, Association President and Councillor; spending the rest of my time as an Environmental Scientist / activist / volunteer.

NSW politics needs a shakeup. Both the major parties are putting the interests of their big and I mean huge corporate donors ahead of our community. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Together, we can:

1) Tackle climate change by rapidly transitioning to publicly owned community energy;

2) Ensure everyone has a home;

3) Provide world class free education from early childhood through to university and TAFE;

4) Fund world class Public schools, hospitals, Public transport and social services;

5) Protect our air and water from coal-fired power station pollution and ash dams.

I’ll represent our community’s views and values in parliament and hold the major party’s feet to the fire. Together we can create a fairer and cleaner future for us all.

Hi, I'm Imogen da Silva, 

I passionately believe in an Australia that is fair and where the voices of the people are heard. For too long we have been governed by the two major parties who just aren’t listening to us on the environment, on corruption and on social justice. 

My Australian family moved to Copacabana in 2010 and when they did, I came to visit and then to stay, loving the beaches, loving the lifestyle and loving the sense of community. I care passionately about the needs of our diverse community and making sure those needs are supported. 

I’ve been fortunate to be able to use my qualifications in business, finance and communications to manage research centres and departments at Universities in areas as diverse as Health, Citizenship, Tropical Medicine and  Environmental Science. Like many others, I’ve also spent time in the private sector and running my own business. This wide and varied experience allows me to really understand the pressures of working life for the inhabitants of the Central Coast. 

I believe it’s time to hold the major parties accountable for years of mismanagement and under funding of everything from social housing to health to education and infrastructure. As a beneficiary of free university in the UK I believe it’s everyone’s right to be able to further their education for free, be it TAFE or University. 

We need more Greens in parliament to hold the major parties accountable as we have seen at the federal level.

If I’m elected, I’ll work with our other passionate Greens MPs to 

  • Ensure everyone has an affordable home and access to free local transport 
  • Fund world class free education from early childhood through to university and TAFE 
  • Restore democracy to local politics and lobby for local elections for Councillors as soon as possible 
  • Tackle climate change by transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy sources and creating new Green jobs 

I intend to practice what I preach and to be a politician of the community for the community.



Candidate for The Entrance

Hi, I’m Ralph Stephenson

I’m passionate about life long, high quality education, ensuring worker’s rights and protecting the natural environment. Together, we can bring about social and ecological justice by electing more Greens, and building a local movement for change.

I’m proud to be the candidate for The Greens for The Entrance. I’ve lived in Bateau Bay for 40 years, on a block that still has large trees and native shrubs. I’m also passionate about the marine environment, so I volunteer at the Terrigal Marine Centre.

I’m well known across the north of the Central Coast as a teacher who worked with difficult children in schools. I have been a Teachers Federation rep in school. I’m a strong advocate for all children to have access to a free, quality, public education system. The Greens policy for free TAFE and university will allow kids to also access the training they need to explore the world, and prepare for whatever vocation they wish to follow, without being burdened or stopped by student debt.

If I’m elected, I’ll work with our other great Greens MPs to

  • To tackle climate change locally by stopping clear-felling on new housing developments and ending native forest logging on the Coast
  • Ensure everyone has a home
  • Fund world class public schools, hospitals, public transport and social services

There are more important things than money. Together, we can make a difference for each other and the planet.