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Local Group Meeting – June

23/06/2022 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Zoom link:


Meeting ID: 817 0670 3889  Passcode: 465446


Facilitator and Minute taker appointed

Acknowledgement of Country

Present and Apologies


MINUTES of previous meeting April 2022 (See attached)

QDMs to be tabled

  1. Urgent proposal From SDC delegate Doug Williamson to request our state members send a letter of support to the AU government declaring their support to requests by AU govt. to UK and USA to halt extradition of Julian Assange to almost certain death in USA for telling the truth about US war crimes and corruption by governments worldwide. Consensus (8) 26/6/22
  2. Proposal from Volunteer Coordinator Ruth Herman: Propose to spend up to $1400 from general funds on a party (perhaps one in Dobell after the election and certainly one in Robertson on election night) to show our appreciation to our fabulous and numerous volunteers for their support in this federal election. Consensus (9) 15/5/22
  3. Request for Volunteer Delegates for possible Special SDC should Greens gain the balance of power. 14/5/22.  Wolfgang and Kate daC volunteered. (Note: no special SDC held)
  4. Proposal: Set up a Do-gooder action to object to Administrator overreach re reversal of a 2019 decision by elected Councillors to reclassify Council-owned land from ‘operational’ to ‘community’. Consensus (10) 26/4/2022
  5. Proposal: Set up Do-gooder action re CCC Draft Accord submissions due by May 30. This did not gain traction on QDM in time for a response.  Issues appear to need more discussion.


  1. New Members Forum: This has been planned for Saturday 16th July at Narara Community Centre from 1pm – 3.30pm. Mehreen will be attending and we will advertise it to members and supporters in the coming week.
  2. Proposed workshop to advance our responses to the Message Stick.  This will be held on the same Saturday 16th July from 3.30pm – 4pm.
  3. Proposed local workshop on anti-bullying and anti-harassment has yet to be planned and scheduled.  In the meantime, for further information, go to https://training.greens.org.au/courses/anti-bullying-anti-sexual-harrassment/  “Your Safety” button at the bottom of the Greens NSW websites, links to contact details and the Responding to Sexual Harassment or Assault policy: https://greens.org.au/NSW/YourSafety.
  4. Proposal for regular clean up gatherings on various parts of the coast.
  5. Young Greens on the Coast: how to encourage establishment of a local group.


Treasurer: Stephen Pearson

Final FECC22 Report: Cath, Chantelle, Stephen, Ruth

SDC Report: Wolfgang or Doug

Membership Report: Wolfgang Koerner


  1. State Election and the need to capitalize on the enthusiasm generated by the Federal election results. Noting that the State election period begins on 1/7/22 for expenditure and that the State Upper House pre-selection will be held in July. Q: when should CCGreens establish a State campaign committee?
  2. Market stalls – Woytopia and Coastal Twist
  3. Possibility of getting a Central Coast Greens banner for market stalls?
  4. Art Exhibition fundraiser
  5. Central Coast Greens t-shirt fundraiser
  6. Council elections, i.e. lack thereof! Our response??
  7. Local issues needing attention and how to campaign on these (COSS lands, Peat Island, Mangrove Mtn dump, development proposals including Kariong.

End of Meeting




7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Central Coast Greens

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