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WYONG 15 March 2016 This morning Arborist Dane Pickering attended the launch of Save Wyong Trees upcoming Wyong Tree Wrapping campaign. This campaign is in response to widespread loss of perfectly healthy and low risk trees in Wyong Shire as a result of modifications to Wyong’s tree management policy allowing removal of a significant portion of the shire’s urban forest …

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Farmers Face 7 Years Jail as Baird’s Anti-protest Laws Pass Upper House 20-16

The NSW Greens today condemned Mike Baird, the National Party and the Shooters Party for ramming through laws that could see protestors, including farmers, jailed for up to 7 years for protecting land, water, climate and communities. The laws were passed on a vote of 20-16 at 5.20pm this evening, with the Shooters and Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats voting with …

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March 2016

A message from the new secretary As the incoming secretary, it is my pleasure to thank Ruth Herman on behalf of all members for the dedication and enthusiasm that she brought to this position. We are all greatly indebted to her for a fantastic effort. Ruth will continue to be an active and valued member of our local group. Do …

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THERE IS ANOTHER WAY FOR REFUGEES The Greens’ different approach to refugees will save lives by offering a safe, legal and humane alternative to dangerous boats – instead of just more cruelty. We will increase Australia’s humanitarian intake to 30,000, which will make a difference and provide hope to people waiting. By resettling to Australia an emergency intake of 10,000 …

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