Greens 5-point Plan for the Central Coast

  1. Spend half the time on the train.
  2. Affordable and accessible childcare.
  3. Amazing playgrounds across the region.
  4. University campus in Gosford.
  5. Return power to the community.

Greens Councillors will implement genuine consultation on developments and back sustainable proposals that benefit the community. Your Greens Councillors will be responsive and accountable to you.

We will ensure that the Council works to the highest standards of financial management, governance, and transparency.


Spend half the time on the train

Gosford to Sydney in less than 30 minutes? The Greens have a plan to halve commute times from Newcastle to Central.

With better signalling, track realignments, and new tilt trains, 40,000 people on the Central Coast could be commuting in half the time. Wifi on trains and express services to reduce congestion will mean a more comfortable and productive journey.

Quicker and more efficient trains to and from the Central Coast will create more job options, increase tourism and attract new businesses to the Coast.

Affordable and accessible childcare

Parents on the Central Coast are facing long waiting lists for childcare centres and fees are growing. We know the
importance of enabling carers to re-enter the workforce, and we know the benefits to our children of quality early education. This is why the Greens plan to establish a grants program for new community-run and not-for-profit childcare centres and continue to push for all children to have access to two years of free public pre-school education.


Amazing playgrounds across the region

Playgrounds like the one at Umina transform local areas and become hubs of activity for children and adults alike to meet and play.

The Greens want every major population centre on the Central Coast to have an amazing playground, with modern and age-appropriate equipment and shade cloths, in community spaces where there’s plenty for adults to enjoy too.



University campus in Gosford

The Greens plan to bring a university campus to Gosford, revitalising the heart of our city. Around the world, university towns flourish. Students create the demand for cafes, bars, independent shops, and affordable housing.

A university campus will be a driver of development and create more educational opportunities and jobs.



Return power to the community

The Solar Settlement with the Sun Ship in the background: two PlusEnergy projects in Freiburg.

Community power companies run by your local council ensure energy security and give all residents equal access to cheap, clean, renewable energy.

Real action on tackling global warming has never been more important. Council can use renewable energy while also becoming a wholesaler of the power generated on council land and buildings. The Greens plan to make every council a community energy provider by 2030.